William Henry Harrison Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our ultimate William Henry Harrison trivia challenge! Test your knowledge on the ninth President of the United States with 25 intriguing questions covering his life, presidency, and legacy. From his military career to his brief time in office, explore fascinating facts about Harrison’s time as president and his impact on American history. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just curious to learn more about this influential leader, this trivia quiz is the perfect opportunity to delve into the life of President Harrison. Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Dive in and see how well you know the ninth president of the United States!

1. What was the nickname of William Henry Harrison due to his strong military background?
Answer: Old Tippecanoe

2. How long was William Henry Harrison’s presidency before his unfortunate death?
Answer: 31 days

3. Which major war did William Henry Harrison participate in prior to becoming President?
Answer: War of 1812

4. What was the popular campaign slogan used during William Henry Harrison’s presidential campaign?
Answer: “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”

5. In which year was William Henry Harrison inaugurated as the ninth President of the United States?
Answer: 1841

6. Who served as William Henry Harrison’s vice president during his brief presidency?
Answer: John Tyler

7. Where was William Henry Harrison born?
Answer: Charles City County, Virginia

8. What event led to William Henry Harrison’s untimely death shortly after taking office?
Answer: Pneumonia

9. What was William Henry Harrison’s occupation before becoming President?
Answer: Military officer and diplomat

10. Which state did William Henry Harrison serve as the territorial governor of?
Answer: Indiana

11. How many children did William Henry Harrison have?
Answer: 10

12. What was the name of William Henry Harrison’s wife?
Answer: Anna Tuthill Symmes

13. What was the famous battle during the War of 1812 that William Henry Harrison was known for leading?
Answer: Battle of Tippecanoe

14. Which political party did William Henry Harrison belong to?
Answer: Whig Party

15. What was the name of the treaty negotiated by William Henry Harrison that ceded land to the United States?
Answer: Treaty of Fort Wayne

16. What was the capital city of the Indiana Territory when William Henry Harrison served as its Governor?
Answer: Vincennes

17. What college granted William Henry Harrison an honorary degree in 1802?
Answer: Yale College

18. What was the name of the famous speech William Henry Harrison delivered during his inauguration?
Answer: The longest inaugural address in U.S. history

19. How old was William Henry Harrison at the time of his inauguration as President?
Answer: 68

20. What was William Henry Harrison’s rank during his service in the War of 1812?
Answer: Major General

21. Who appointed William Henry Harrison as the Governor of the Indiana Territory?
Answer: Andrew Jackson

22. What was the name of William Henry Harrison’s famous military campaign against Native American tribes in the Old Northwest?
Answer: The Tippecanoe Campaign

23. Which Native American leader fought against William Henry Harrison in the Battle of Tippecanoe?
Answer: Tecumseh

24. What did William Henry Harrison die of in 1841?
Answer: Pneumonia

25. What was the name of the man who became President after William Henry Harrison’s death in 1841?
Answer: John Tyler