The Top 5 Accomplishments of President William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was the ninth president of the United States. He was born in Virginia in 1773 and died in 1841 after serving just one month in office. Even though his presidency was short-lived, Harrison accomplished a lot during his time as president. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 5 things he did during his tenure!

Battle of Tippecanoe

One of the things Harrison is most known for is his victory in the Battle of Tippecanoe. This battle was fought against Native Americans in Indiana in 1811. Harrison’s troops were outnumbered, but they were able to win the battle. This victory helped pave the way for white settlement in Indiana and other parts of the Midwest.

War of 1812

​Harrison also played a role in the War of 1812. He was appointed as a major general in the United States Army and led troops in several battles. One of these battles was the Battle of the Thames, where Harrison’s troops defeated a force that included Native American leader Tecumseh.

United States Congress

​After the War of 1812, Harrison was elected to the United States Congress. He served in the House of Representatives from 1816 to 1819 and then in the Senate from 1825 to 1828.

Governor of Indiana

​In 1828, Harrison was elected governor of Indiana. He served as governor for two terms, from 1828 to 1831 and from 1833 to 1836. As governor, Harrison worked to improve education in Indiana and helped create the state’s first public university, Indiana University.


In 1828, Harrison ran for president but lost to John Quincy Adams. He ran again in 1836 and lost to Martin Van Buren. Finally, in 1840, Harrison was elected president. He became the first Whig Party candidate to win a presidential election.