Lyndon B. Johnson Trivia: Questions and Answers

Step back in time and test your knowledge with our 25 trivia questions about President Lyndon B. Johnson! Delve into the life and legacy of this influential leader through a series of engaging and thought-provoking inquiries that cover his presidency, policies, and personal history. Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can claim the title of LBJ trivia master! From civil rights to foreign affairs, learn fascinating facts and lesser-known details about one of America’s most complex and compelling presidents. Dive into our trivia quiz today and unlock a deeper understanding of the man behind the oval office.

1. What was Lyndon B. Johnson’s middle name?
Answer: Baines

2. In which state was Lyndon B. Johnson born?
Answer: Texas

3. What was the name of the legislation that President Johnson signed in 1964 to fight discrimination?
Answer: Civil Rights Act

4. Which political party did Lyndon B. Johnson belong to?
Answer: Democratic Party

5. What was the name of the program initiated by President Johnson to fight poverty?
Answer: War on Poverty

6. Which U.S. president did Lyndon B. Johnson serve as vice president before becoming president?
Answer: John F. Kennedy

7. What was Lyndon B. Johnson’s nickname?
Answer: LBJ

8. Which war escalated during Johnson’s presidency?
Answer: Vietnam War

9. In what year did Lyndon B. Johnson become president after the assassination of JFK?
Answer: 1963

10. Which government agency did President Johnson establish to protect the environment?
Answer: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

11. How many terms did Lyndon B. Johnson serve as President of the United States?
Answer: 1 term (1963-1969)

12. What social program did President Johnson create to provide healthcare for elderly Americans?
Answer: Medicare

13. Which landmark legislation signed by Johnson aimed to improve education opportunities for all Americans?
Answer: Elementary and Secondary Education Act

14. What was the name of the space mission that landed the first men on the moon during Johnson’s presidency?
Answer: Apollo 11

15. Which iconic civil rights leader did Johnson work with to pass key civil rights legislation?
Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

16. Which city in Texas is Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch located in?
Answer: Stonewall, Texas

17. What was the name of the famous civil rights speech delivered by President Johnson in 1965?
Answer: “We Shall Overcome”

18. Who was President Johnson’s wife?
Answer: Lady Bird Johnson

19. What was President Johnson known for wearing frequently?
Answer: Stetson cowboy hat

20. Which 1964 act banned discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin?
Answer: Civil Rights Act of 1964

21. What significant event prompted Johnson’s decision not to seek reelection in 1968?
Answer: The Vietnam War

22. Which major American highway system was funded and enacted by President Johnson?
Answer: Interstate Highway System

23. Which department created during Johnson’s term focuses on housing and urban development?
Answer: Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

24. What was Lyndon B. Johnson’s signature legislative achievement that aimed to eliminate poverty and racial injustice?
Answer: Great Society programs

25. What was the name of Lyndon B. Johnson’s childhood home, now a historical site in Texas?
Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park