Gerald Ford Trivia: Questions and Answers

Step into the world of President Gerald Ford with our curated collection of 25 trivia questions that will test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about this unique leader. Explore the life and presidency of Gerald Ford through a series of engaging inquiries covering his time in office, key decisions, and personal background. From his unexpected rise to the presidency to his pardoning of Richard Nixon, delve into the fascinating facts and lesser-known details that shaped his legacy. Challenge yourself and friends to see who can emerge as the ultimate Gerald Ford enthusiast. Uncover the complexities of one of America’s shortest-serving presidents and gain a deeper understanding of his impact on history. Take on our Ford trivia quiz and journey through the remarkable life of this distinguished leader today!

1. What was Gerald Ford’s original name before he changed it?
Answer: Leslie Lynch King Jr.

2. Which state was Gerald Ford born in?
Answer: Nebraska

3. In which year did Gerald Ford become President of the United States?
Answer: 1974

4. Who did Gerald Ford succeed as President after his resignation?
Answer: Richard Nixon

5. What university did Gerald Ford attend on a football scholarship?
Answer: University of Michigan

6. What was Gerald Ford’s occupation before entering politics?
Answer: Lawyer

7. What scandal did Gerald Ford pardon Richard Nixon for?
Answer: Watergate scandal

8. What was Gerald Ford’s wife’s name?
Answer: Betty Ford

9. Which branch of the military did Gerald Ford serve in during World War II?
Answer: U.S. Navy

10. What was the famous campaign slogan used by Gerald Ford in his bid for presidency?
Answer: “A Strong America”

11. Gerald Ford was the only U.S. president to have held which unique title in college?
Answer: Grand Rapids’ Assistant Boxing Coach

12. What was Gerald Ford’s vice president’s name during his term in office?
Answer: Nelson Rockefeller

13. What significant event marked the end of the Vietnam War during Ford’s presidency?
Answer: Fall of Saigon

14. Which controversial policy did Gerald Ford support regarding amnesty for Vietnam War draft dodgers?
Answer: Presidential Proclamation 4313

15. What well-known building was dedicated by President Ford in 1974 as a U.S. national monument?
Answer: The Empire State Building

16. What was the nickname given to President Ford’s economic policy initiatives?
Answer: Whip Inflation Now (WIN)

17. Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts in which year?
Answer: 1975

18. What career milestone did Gerald Ford achieve before becoming president, marking him as the first person to do so?
Answer: Vice President appointed under the 25th Amendment

19. What was the main focus of Gerald Ford’s foreign policy doctrine known as “D├ętente”?
Answer: Easing Cold War tensions

20. What controversial action taken by President Ford caused backlash during his presidency regarding energy conservation?
Answer: Implementation of Daylight Saving Time

21. What was the name of the legislation passed by President Ford that granted amnesty to Vietnam draft dodgers and deserters?
Answer: Vietnam War Pardon Program

22. Which city was the site of Gerald Ford’s assassination attempts in 1975?
Answer: Sacramento, California

23. What was the name of the famous golf tournament that President Ford was a frequent participant in?
Answer: Bob Hope Desert Classic

24. What was the name of President Ford’s famous English sheepdog that received media attention during his time in office?
Answer: Liberty

25. How many days did Gerald Ford serve as President, making him the shortest-serving unelected President in U.S. history?
Answer: 895 days