Abraham Lincoln Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Abraham Lincoln trivia challenge! Test your knowledge on the 16th President of the United States with 25 fascinating questions covering his life, presidency, and enduring legacy. Explore intriguing facts about Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War, his famous speeches like the Gettysburg Address, and his impact on American history. From his humble beginnings to his tragic assassination, these trivia questions will take you on a journey through the remarkable life of one of America’s most revered leaders. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just curious to learn more about this iconic figure, this quiz is a fun way to discover more about President Abraham Lincoln. Are you ready to delve into the world of Honest Abe and test your knowledge? Let’s get started!

1. What number President of the United States was Abraham Lincoln?
Answer: 16th President

2. In which state was Abraham Lincoln born?
Answer: Kentucky

3. What year was Abraham Lincoln elected as President of the United States?
Answer: 1860

4. Which major event led to the secession of Southern states from the Union during Lincoln’s presidency?
Answer: The Civil War

5. What famous document issued by Abraham Lincoln declared the freedom of all slaves in Confederate territory?
Answer: Emancipation Proclamation

6. What was the title of Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech given during the Gettysburg battlefield dedication?
Answer: The Gettysburg Address

7. Who served as Abraham Lincoln’s Vice President during his first term?
Answer: Hannibal Hamlin

8. What was Abraham Lincoln’s nickname due to his tall stature and moral character?
Answer: Honest Abe

9. Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution did Abraham Lincoln support and issue that abolished slavery?
Answer: The 13th Amendment

10. What political party did Abraham Lincoln belong to during his presidency?
Answer: Republican Party

11. What was the name of Abraham Lincoln’s wife?
Answer: Mary Todd Lincoln

12. Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
Answer: Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C.

13. Who was the Confederate general who surrendered to Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the Civil War?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

14. Which famous battle was a turning point in the Civil War in favor of the Union forces, fought in Pennsylvania?
Answer: Battle of Gettysburg

15. Before becoming President, Lincoln was best known for practicing which profession?
Answer: Lawyer

16. What is the famous address delivered by Lincoln on November 19, 1863, honoring those who died at the Battle of Gettysburg?
Answer: The Gettysburg Address

17. Where did Abraham Lincoln deliver his famous debates against Stephen A. Douglas during the Senate race in 1858?
Answer: Illinois

18. What influential abolitionist met with Lincoln to discuss emancipation and the war effort?
Answer: Frederick Douglass

19. Which legislation signed by Lincoln encouraged Western settlement by granting 160 acres of land to homesteaders?
Answer: Homestead Act

20. What was the date of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination?
Answer: April 14, 1865

21. Which state did Abraham Lincoln represent in the U.S. House of Representatives?
Answer: Illinois

22. Who was Lincoln’s opponent in the presidential election of 1860?
Answer: Stephen A. Douglas

23. In what year was Abraham Lincoln re-elected for a second term as President?
Answer: 1864

24. What is the iconic monument in Washington D.C. honoring Abraham Lincoln?
Answer: Lincoln Memorial

25. What was the famous debate series between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas called?
Answer: Lincoln-Douglas Debates