5 Fast Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is well known for his leadership during the Civil War and for ending slavery, but he accomplished much more than that in his lifetime. From his time as a lawyer to his time as a legislator, Lincoln was a true man of the people. Below are a few facts that many people may not know.

  • Lawyer for railroad companies – Lincoln was known as a prairie lawyer, but most do not realize that some of his biggest clients were railroad companies.
  • Avoided war with Britain – At the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln used diplomacy to end the Trent Affair, which was a conflict over an intercepted British merchant ship.
  • Supreme Court – During his time in office, Lincoln appointed five justices to the Supreme Court.
  • New states – Both West Virginia and Nevada were added to the Union while Lincoln was in office.
  • Thanksgiving – In 1863 Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday.​