Warren G. Harding Trivia: Questions and Answers

Unravel the intriguing legacy of President Warren G. Harding with our captivating trivia challenge! Embark on a journey through history as you explore 25 fascinating questions dedicated to the life and presidency of the 29th President of the United States. From his notable policies and scandals to his impact on American politics, these thought-provoking trivia questions are perfect for history enthusiasts of all levels. Challenge yourself, test your knowledge, and uncover lesser-known facts about Warren G. Harding. Are you ready to dive into the past and become an expert on this enigmatic president? Start the quiz now and see how many questions you can conquer!

1. What was Warren G. Harding’s middle name?
– Gamaliel

2. In which state was Warren G. Harding born?
– Ohio

3. What year was Warren G. Harding inaugurated as President of the United States?
– 1921

4. What political party was Warren G. Harding affiliated with?
– Republican Party

5. Who was Warren G. Harding’s wife and First Lady of the United States?
– Florence Harding

6. Warren G. Harding’s presidency was known as what era of American politics?
– The Roaring Twenties

7. What scandal tarnished Warren G. Harding’s administration involving the illegal leasing of oil reserves?
– Teapot Dome scandal

8. What economic policy did Warren G. Harding advocate for to help the country recover from World War I?
– Return to “normalcy”

9. Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed during Warren G. Harding’s presidency, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcohol?
– 18th Amendment (Prohibition)

10. What was the name of Warren G. Harding’s famous campaign slogan in the 1920 presidential election?
– “A Return to Normalcy”

11. Who served as Vice President under Warren G. Harding?
– Calvin Coolidge

12. What newspaper did Warren G. Harding own and edit before becoming President?
– Marion Daily Star

13. Which international treaty did Warren G. Harding sign that officially ended World War I?
– Treaty of Versailles

14. What was the name of Warren G. Harding’s home in Marion, Ohio, where he conducted his “Front Porch Campaign”?
– The Harding Home

15. What colors were associated with Warren G. Harding’s successful 1920 presidential campaign?
– Black and orange

16. What was the name of Warren G. Harding’s program to promote American business interests abroad?
– The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

17. What infamous group became active during Warren G. Harding’s presidency, promoting xenophobia and anti-communism?
– The Ku Klux Klan

18. What was the nickname of Warren G. Harding’s poker-playing friends and political advisors who often influenced his decisions?
– The Ohio Gang

19. What scandal surrounded Warren G. Harding’s personal life involving a woman named Nan Britton?
– The Nan Britton affair

20. What city hosted the Republican National Convention in 1920 where Warren G. Harding was nominated for President?
– Chicago

21. What federal agency was created under Warren G. Harding to regulate radio broadcasting in the United States?
– Federal Radio Commission

22. What year did Warren G. Harding pass away unexpectedly while in office?
– 1923

23. Who succeeded Warren G. Harding as President of the United States after his death?
– Calvin Coolidge

24. What posthumous honor did Warren G. Harding receive in 1923 acknowledging his efforts to promote world peace?
– The Nobel Peace Prize

25. Where is Warren G. Harding buried?
– Marion, Ohio