Ulysses S. Grant Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Ulysses S. Grant trivia challenge! Test your knowledge of the 18th President of the United States with our collection of 25 intriguing questions about his life, achievements, and legacy. From his military career to his presidency and beyond, dive into the world of this historical figure and see how well you truly know this remarkable leader. Get ready to put your knowledge to the test and discover fun facts about Ulysses S. Grant along the way. Let’s see if you can rise to the challenge and be crowned the ultimate Grant trivia champion!

1. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s full name?

   Answer: Hiram Ulysses Grant

2. Which war did Ulysses S. Grant fight in before becoming president?

   Answer: Civil War

3. What was Grant’s rank during the Civil War?

   Answer: General

4. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s nickname during the Civil War?

   Answer: Unconditional Surrender Grant

5. Which side did Ulysses S. Grant fight for during the Civil War?

   Answer: Union (North)

6. In which year was Ulysses S. Grant inaugurated as the 18th President of the United States?

   Answer: 1869

7. Who was Ulysses S. Grant’s vice president during his first term?

   Answer: Schuyler Colfax

8. Which political party did Ulysses S. Grant belong to?

   Answer: Republican Party

9. What was the name of Grant’s famous memoir?

   Answer: “Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant”

10. Where was Ulysses S. Grant born?

    Answer: Point Pleasant, Ohio

11. What was Grant’s occupation before becoming president?

    Answer: Soldier

12. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s highest military rank?

    Answer: General of the Army

13. Who was the opponent of Ulysses S. Grant in the presidential election of 1868?

    Answer: Horatio Seymour

14. What nickname did Grant give to his administration’s policy towards Native Americans?

    Answer: Peace Policy

15. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s wife’s name?

    Answer: Julia Grant

16. Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified during Grant’s presidency, granting citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, including former slaves?

    Answer: 14th Amendment

17. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s stance on slavery?

    Answer: He was against slavery.

18. Which two U.S. Presidents died during Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency?

    Answer: Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson

19. What famous national park did Grant establish in 1872?

    Answer: Yellowstone National Park

20. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s nickname as a child?

    Answer: Useless

21. Which general did Ulysses S. Grant famously work with to win the Civil War?

    Answer: William Tecumseh Sherman

22. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s alma mater?

    Answer: United States Military Academy (West Point)

23. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s profession after leaving the presidency?

    Answer: Author (writing his memoirs)

24. In which city did Ulysses S. Grant die?

    Answer: Wilton, New York

25. What illness did Ulysses S. Grant suffer from toward the end of his life?

    Answer: Throat cancer