Top 5 Things James Madison Accomplished As President

​James Madison was not only the fourth president of the United States, he was also one of the founding fathers of the country. Growing up in the colony that would become Virginia, Madison got into government as a delegate in the Congress of the Confederation. This would start a political career that would end in the White House. Below are the top 5 achievements that would take place during his time as president.

Leadership during the war of 1812

On June 1, 1812 Madison asked congress to declare war against Canada as a way to defeat British control over valuable pipelines for supplies close to Detroit in the United States and Montreal in Canada. The war did not go as planned as the U.S. army was met with heavy resistance. With the war moving into fronts within the U.S. a major victory was claimed in the Battle of New Orleans. At this point Madison was able to negotiate a treaty and end the war on February 16, 1815.

Occupation of West Florida

In response to Spain making an attempt to claim West Florida as a part of the Louisiana purchase, in 1810 Madison called out 100,000 militiamen to fill up the regular army. In September of that year the militia took control of the area. Madison then issued an annex of West Florida to officially claim the land. This would eventually lead to the annex of East Florida in 1819.

Trade wars

Madison would accept an offer from the French to stop confiscating American supplies and ships. This would anger Britain and they vowed to continue to seize American ships as tensions between the two countries would continue up to the War of 1812.

Wins reelection

In the presidential election of 1812 Madison would sweep the south and the western part of the country and comfortably win reelection. For his second term his vice president would change from George Clinton to Elbridge Gerry.

Indiana becomes a state

On December 11, 1816 Madison signed an act of congress admitting Indiana into the Union as the 19th state. This was a landmark act due to the fact that Indiana was a key part to the U.S. expansion west.