The top 5 things President Thomas Jefferson accomplished in his presidency

Thomas Jefferson, was the third President of United States of America, American founding father, a spokesman for democracy and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

He was a man who has given so much to United States, his one of the most important achievements are:

​1. Thomas Jefferson, The Third President of the United States:

Thomas Jefferson served the United States as the third president. After the presidential elections held in 1800 Jefferson tied with the opponent Aaron Burr. In 1801, after thirty six ballots, however the House elected Jefferson the president of United States of America.

2. Declaration Of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson:

After becoming the president of the United States he imposed rules and made changes in the laws. One of the part was the declaration of independence. This declaration was a formal statement given to the world that United States is no more a part of British Empire. This declaration proved to an inspiration to the others. The second sentence of declaration by Jefferson said, ‘All men are created equal’ which later became the very famous statement about human rights.

3. Thomas Jefferson drafted The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom:

Thomas Jefferson drafted the Virginia statute of religious freedom in 1777. This statute was a symbol of religious freedom and independence for all religions, faiths. This statute promoted humanity in a great way. According to his wish this statue is on the epitaph of Jefferson.

4. Thomas Jefferson, the first US Secretary of the State:

Jefferson served as Governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781. He also served as a U.S Minister to France from 1785 to 1789. And was also the FIRST U.S SECRETARY OF STATE from 1790 to 1793 in George Washington’s administration. When war broke out between France and Britain, he supported France in it. He, however suggested to be neutral in every conflict.

5. Father of The University of Virginia and founded the Library of Congress in 1815:

One major accomplishment of Thomas Jefferson was that he founded of the University of Virginia. He wanted the education to be free for public for which he made a bill known as General Diffusion of Knowledge in which he wanted to impose the law for free education for everyone, however it was never passed in Virginia Assembly. So when he retired he continued to advocate his plan which in 1819, gave United States another huge education platform by the 76 years old Jefferson.​