The top 5 things President John Adams accomplished in his presidency

John Adams was the 2nd president of United States of America. He serves as president from 1797 to 1801. He started his career as a lawyer, studies from Harvard University. Adams was America’s first vice president. He was defeated for another term by Thomas Jefferson.

There are so many things he accomplished during his presidency. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. He stopped the Qausi war peacefully:

Adams became the president of united in 1797, during which there was an on-going war between Great Britain and France. This war was a naval conflict between the two countries. Washington DC remained neutral in this whole scenario. Adams sent a delegation team to negotiate with the French but they demanded a huge bribe before anything this is known as the X Y Z AFFAIR. This resulted in a war known as Qausi war. After the war started Adam sent another peace delegation to France. The convention of 1800 signed on the 30th Sept ended the Qausi War.   

2. He appointed John Marshall as a Chief Justice:

When he got the authorities of the president, he named JOHN MARSHAL to be the Chief Justice of United States. This is known as a great appointment because he proved to play an important and significant role in the development of American legal system. He also cemented the position of American Judiciary as independent and persuasive branch of government.

3. A writer president:

John Adams was a great writer who wrote many books while his presidency. His books includes; A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America in 1787 and Discourses on Davila in 1790. Even after his presidency he worked on so many writings. His books prove his versatility.  

4. Preserver of peace:

His role as a peace server is not hidden from anyone, whether it is United States or other countries. He played a vital role in promoting peace by preventing United States to take part in the war held between France and The Great Britain. And proved it once again that he is a peace lover by helping to end the dispute and war between the two countries.

5. Washington DC to be the capital:

During his presidency, Washington was made the capital of the United States of America succeeding Philadelphia, all the official offices were shifted to DC on June 11, 1800. This was one the most important decision took by him in his era because it is the capital to date. The second president slept in the unfinished Executive Mansion, now known as The White House.