The time Elvis Presley Met With Richard Nixon

Elvis Presley met with President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office on December 21, 1970. The meeting was arranged by Jerry Schilling, an aide to Presley, who thought that the musician could use his influence to help the president’s drug abuse prevention efforts.

Presley and Nixon discussed the issues of drugs and crime, and the President asked Elvis for his help in communicating the administration’s message to young people. Elvis offered to record a public service announcement supporting Nixon’s drug policies, and they also discussed the possibility of Presley performing at a White House event.

The meeting was cordial and both men seemed to enjoy each other’s company. It was an unlikely pairing, but one that generated headlines around the world.

What happened during the meeting

The meeting began cordially enough, with the two men shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. Elvis Presley then presented Nixon with a gift: a copy of his newly released album, “Elvis in Memphis.” The conversation quickly turned to more serious matters, however, as Presley expressed his concerns about the state of the country. He told Nixon that he was worried about the increasing use of drugs, particularly among young people, and suggested that the government do more to address the problem. Nixon listened attentively and assured Presley that he shared his concerns. The two men then discussed ways in which they could work together to combat drug use in the United States.

The aftermath of the meeting

The meeting between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon was cordial and both seemed to enjoy each other’s company. However, the aftermath of the meeting was not so cordial. The media had a field day with the story and many people were critical of both Elvis and Nixon for meeting. Some people even suggested that Elvis was trying to bribe Nixon with gifts. However, both men seemed to take the criticism in stride and their friendship continued to grow.

How this event has been remembered

The time Elvis Presley met with Richard Nixon has been remembered as a key moment in American history. This meeting between two of the most influential people of the 20th century was caught on camera, and the photos have become some of the most iconic images of that era. The meeting took place at a time when America was facing some of its biggest challenges, and many people saw it as a symbol of hope and unity. We can only guess what went through the minds of both men when they were shaking hands that day in 1970, but it’s clear that their encounter will live on for generations to come.