Richard Nixon Trivia: Questions and Answers

Dive into the intriguing world of President Richard Nixon with our collection of 25 trivia questions that will challenge your knowledge and test your wits! Explore the life and times of one of America’s most controversial leaders through a series of engaging inquiries covering his presidency, key policies, and personal background. From Watergate to foreign affairs, uncover fascinating facts and lesser-known details about the man behind the Oval Office. Challenge yourself, friends, and family to see who can emerge as the ultimate Nixon aficionado. Step into history and broaden your understanding of this complex and influential figure by taking on our Nixon trivia quiz today!

1. What nickname was Richard Nixon known by?
Answer: Tricky Dick

2. In which state was Richard Nixon born?
Answer: California

3. What scandal ultimately led to Richard Nixon’s resignation from office in 1974?
Answer: Watergate scandal

4. Which country did Nixon famously visit in 1972, marking a significant step towards improving US relations with a Cold War rival?
Answer: China

5. What political party did Richard Nixon belong to?
Answer: Republican Party

6. Who was Richard Nixon’s Vice President during his first term in office?
Answer: Spiro Agnew

7. In what year did Richard Nixon become President of the United States?
Answer: 1969

8. Which war was ongoing during Nixon’s presidency and greatly divided the American public?
Answer: Vietnam War

9. What famous quote is associated with Nixon’s domestic policy known as the “War on Drugs”?
Answer: “War on Drugs”

10. Which landmark environmental protection act was signed into law by Nixon in 1970?
Answer: Clean Air Act

11. What significant event happened at the Watergate complex in June 1972, leading to Nixon’s downfall?
Answer: Burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters

12. Which amendment lowered the voting age to 18 during Nixon’s presidency?
Answer: 26th Amendment

13. What was the name of Nixon’s foreign policy strategy aimed at reducing tensions with the Soviet Union?
Answer: D├ętente

14. Which American astronauts were the first to land on the moon during Nixon’s presidency?
Answer: Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

15. What was the title of Nixon’s bestselling memoir published after his resignation?
Answer: “RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon”

16. Which Native American activist occupied the abandoned federal penitentiary on Alcatraz Island during Nixon’s presidency?
Answer: Occupation of Alcatraz by Richard Oakes and the Indians of All Tribes

17. Who did Nixon defeat in the 1968 presidential election to become president?
Answer: Hubert Humphrey

18. What controversial policy did Nixon introduce that required U.S. states to lower their highway speed limits to 55 mph to conserve fuel?
Answer: Speed Limit Reduction

19. What major organization did Nixon establish to oversee intelligence activities in the aftermath of CIA scandals?
Answer: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

20. Which Middle Eastern conflict erupted during Nixon’s administration in 1973?
Answer: Yom Kippur War

21. What title did Nixon receive for his efforts in easing tensions between Egypt and Israel following the Yom Kippur War?
Answer: Nobel Peace Prize

22. Which popular TV show did Nixon famously appear on, showcasing his lighter side to the American public?
Answer: “Laugh-In”

23. What major economic crisis occurred during Nixon’s presidency in the early 1970s?
Answer: Stagflation

24. Which Supreme Court case resulted in a ruling that declared executive privilege could not be used to withhold evidence in a criminal investigation during Nixon’s presidency?
Answer: United States v. Nixon

25. What was the name given to Nixon’s policy of gradually turning over control of the Vietnam War to the South Vietnamese forces?
Answer: Vietnamization