Millard Fillmore Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Millard Fillmore trivia challenge! Test your knowledge on the 13th President of the United States with 25 engaging questions covering his presidency, personal life, and contributions to American history. Dive into fascinating facts about Fillmore’s leadership during a challenging period in U.S. history, his stance on key issues, and his impact on shaping the nation. Explore his background, policies, and legacy through these trivia questions that will put your knowledge to the test. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about this pivotal figure, this quiz is an entertaining way to learn more about President Millard Fillmore. Are you ready to uncover interesting tidbits about the 13th President? Let’s embark on this journey through Fillmore’s presidency and beyond!

1. What number President of the United States was Millard Fillmore?
Answer: 13th President

2. In which U.S. state was Millard Fillmore born?
Answer: New York

3. Who succeeded President Zachary Taylor after his death, making Fillmore the President?
Answer: Millard Fillmore

4. What political party did Millard Fillmore belong to during his presidency?
Answer: Whig Party

5. Which significant law did Millard Fillmore sign into effect in 1850 addressing issues related to slavery in newly acquired territories?
Answer: Compromise of 1850

6. Who served as Millard Fillmore’s Vice President during his presidency?
Answer: None (Vacant office until the next election)

7. What trade agreement did Fillmore negotiate with Japan, opening up trade between the two nations?
Answer: Treaty of Kanagawa

8. What was the name of Millard Fillmore’s wife?
Answer: Abigail Fillmore

9. What major conflict took place during Fillmore’s presidency that would later be known as “Bleeding Kansas”?
Answer: Kansas-Nebraska Act

10. Which city did Millard Fillmore establish as the official winter home of the President of the United States?
Answer: Washington D.C.

11. What was the nickname given to Millard Fillmore for his support of compromise legislation on various issues?
Answer: The Great Compromiser

12. Which new U.S. territory was established during Millard Fillmore’s presidency in 1854, leading to controversies over its status as a free or slave state?
Answer: Kansas Territory

13. What was the major economic issue that dominated much of Millard Fillmore’s presidency and led to the Compromise of 1850?
Answer: Debate over slavery and its expansion

14. How many terms did Millard Fillmore serve as President of the United States?
Answer: Less than one term

15. What was the capital of the United States during Millard Fillmore’s presidency?
Answer: Washington D.C.

16. What was the first name of Millard Fillmore’s Vice President who died shortly into their term, leaving the position vacant?
Answer: None (The office remained vacant)

17. What religious denomination did Millard Fillmore grow up in and later become associated with?
Answer: Unitarianism

18. What was the profession of Millard Fillmore before becoming President of the United States?
Answer: Lawyer

19. What was the name of the political party Millard Fillmore was affiliated with before becoming President?
Answer: Whig Party

20. What major event caused Millard Fillmore to become President in 1850?
Answer: The death of President Zachary Taylor

21. What famous speech did Millard Fillmore deliver in Buffalo, advocating for the preservation of the Union amid growing tensions over slavery?
Answer: Fillmore’s Union Address

22. What organization did Millard Fillmore help found in 1828 to help establish public education in Buffalo?
Answer: Buffalo High School

23. What was the name of the legislation signed by Fillmore that allowed citizens of certain countries to become naturalized U.S. citizens after just one year of residency?
Answer: The Fillmore Act

24. What was the capital of the Japanese island of Okinawa renamed to after being visited by Commodore Matthew Perry during Fillmore’s presidency?
Answer: Naha

25. What was the primary goal of Millard Fillmore’s foreign policy during his presidency?
Answer: To expand U.S. trade and diplomatic relations with other countries, especially in Asia.