John Quincy Adams Trivia: Questions and Answers

Dive into the remarkable life and presidency of John Quincy Adams with 25 intriguing trivia questions that will take you on a journey through his impactful legacy. Test your knowledge and discover fascinating details about this pivotal figure in American history. From his early years to his time in office, these thought-provoking inquiries will challenge and educate enthusiasts of all levels. Uncover hidden gems about his foreign policy decisions, family background, and notable achievements during his presidency. Embark on an enlightening exploration of President John Quincy Adams’ contributions to shaping the nation’s history and political landscape.

1. Which U.S. president was John Quincy Adams’ father?
Answer: John Adams

2. In which U.S. state was John Quincy Adams born?
Answer: Massachusetts

3. What position did John Quincy Adams hold prior to becoming president?
Answer: Secretary of State

4. What major body of water did John Quincy Adams negotiate the Treaty of Ghent over during his diplomatic career?
Answer: Atlantic Ocean

5. What was John Quincy Adams’ political party affiliation?
Answer: Democratic-Republican Party

6. Who won the controversial presidential election against John Quincy Adams in 1824?
Answer: Andrew Jackson

7. Which president appointed John Quincy Adams as the first U.S. Minister to Russia?
Answer: George Washington

8. What was the primary goal of John Quincy Adams’ presidency regarding internal improvements and infrastructure?
Answer: Building roads and canals

9. In what year did John Quincy Adams become the sixth President of the United States?
Answer: 1825

10. What was John Quincy Adams’ nickname due to his strict moral code and honesty?
Answer: Old Man Eloquent

11. What was the name of John Quincy Adams’ wife?
Answer: Louisa Catherine Adams

12. Which international border dispute did John Quincy Adams resolve while in office?
Answer: U.S.-Canada border

13. Which European country did John Quincy Adams negotiate a commercial treaty with during his presidency?
Answer: Prussia

14. What was the outcome of the Treaty of 1818 that John Quincy Adams negotiated with Britain?
Answer: Resolved U.S.-Canada border issues

15. What university did John Quincy Adams attend before becoming a diplomat?
Answer: Harvard University

16. Which famous document did John Quincy Adams help negotiate that ended the War of 1812?
Answer: Treaty of Ghent

17. Who was John Quincy Adams’ vice president during his presidency?
Answer: John C. Calhoun

18. Which amendment to the Constitution did John Quincy Adams propose that focused on limiting slavery in newly admitted states?
Answer: The 12th Amendment

19. Which renowned poet did John Quincy Adams ultimately appoint as U.S. consul to Liverpool?
Answer: Washington Irving

20. What was the title of John Quincy Adams’ autobiography?
Answer: Memoirs of John Quincy Adams

21. What role did John Quincy Adams play in the founding of the Smithsonian Institution?
Answer: Co-founder

22. Which significant canal project did John Quincy Adams support during his presidency to improve transportation?
Answer: Erie Canal

23. Which political party did John Quincy Adams join after leaving the presidency?
Answer: Whig Party

24. What landmark Supreme Court case did John Quincy Adams argue before the court and win?
Answer: United States v. Amistad

25. What was the signature accomplishment of John Quincy Adams’ presidency related to foreign affairs?
Answer: Acquisition of Florida