James Madison Trivia: Questions and Answers

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Question 1:
What year was James Madison inaugurated as the fourth President of the United States?
Answer: 1809

Question 2:
Which war did the United States enter during James Madison’s presidency?
Answer: War of 1812

Question 3:
Who was James Madison’s wife and First Lady of the United States?
Answer: Dolley Madison

Question 4:
Which document is considered the foundation of the U.S. Constitution and is largely authored by James Madison?
Answer: Virginia Plan

Question 5:
What famous building did the British burn during the War of 1812, prompting Dolley Madison to save important documents and artifacts?
Answer: The White House

Question 6:
Which political party did James Madison belong to?
Answer: Democratic-Republican Party

Question 7:
What significant event caused tensions between the United States and Britain during Madison’s presidency?
Answer: Impressment of American sailors

Question 8:
Which major battle during the War of 1812 inspired the writing of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”?
Answer: Battle of Fort McHenry

Question 9:
What was the title of James Madison’s economic plan to improve American commerce and industry?
Answer: American System

Question 10:
Who was James Madison’s Secretary of State and later his successor as President?
Answer: James Monroe

Question 11:
In which U.S. state was James Madison born?
Answer: Virginia

Question 12:
Which document drafted by James Madison emphasizes the importance of limiting government power and protecting individual freedoms?
Answer: Bill of Rights

Question 13:
What was the name of the conflict between Native American tribes and U.S. settlers that took place during Madison’s presidency?
Answer: Tecumseh’s War

Question 14:
Which city served as the U.S. capital during James Madison’s presidency before it was moved to Washington, D.C.?
Answer: Washington, D.C.

Question 15:
What was the nickname given to James Madison for his role in advocating for the ratification of the U.S. Constitution?
Answer: Father of the Constitution

Question 16:
Which important victory against Native American forces occurred in the Indiana Territory during Madison’s presidency?
Answer: Battle of Tippecanoe

Question 17:
What was the name of the series of laws passed by Congress during James Madison’s presidency that restricted trade with Britain and France?
Answer: Non-Intercourse Acts

Question 18:
Who led the British forces in the capture and burning of Washington, D.C., in 1814 during Madison’s presidency?
Answer: General Robert Ross

Question 19:
Which treaty ended the War of 1812 and restored diplomatic relations between the United States and Britain?
Answer: Treaty of Ghent

Question 20:
What was the last major battle of the War of 1812, fought after the peace treaty was signed?
Answer: Battle of New Orleans

Question 21:
In which state did the Hartford Convention, a meeting of Federalist delegates critical of the War of 1812, take place during Madison’s presidency?
Answer: Connecticut

Question 22:
What was the capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War?
Answer: Richmond, Virginia

Question 23:
Where did James Madison spend most of his retirement years after leaving the presidency?
Answer: Montpelier (his Virginia estate)

Question 24:
Which university was founded in 1819 due to James Madison’s influence and support?
Answer: University of Virginia

Question 25:
What was the name of the political coalition that James Madison formed with Thomas Jefferson to oppose Federalist policies?
Answer: Democratic-Republican Party