James Buchanan Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our James Buchanan trivia challenge! Test your knowledge on the 15th President of the United States with 25 intriguing questions covering his presidency, personal life, and contributions to American history. Explore fascinating facts about Buchanan’s time in office, his policies, and the challenges faced during his term. Delve into his background, decisions, and legacy through these trivia questions that will put your knowledge to the test. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just interested in learning more about this influential figure, this quiz is an entertaining way to discover more about President James Buchanan. Are you ready to uncover interesting details about the 15th President? Let’s dive into the world of James Buchanan and see how well you know this significant leader in U.S. history!

1. What number President of the United States was James Buchanan?
Answer: 15th President

2. In which U.S. state was James Buchanan born?
Answer: Pennsylvania

3. Who served as James Buchanan’s Vice President during his presidency?
Answer: John C. Breckinridge

4. Which political party did James Buchanan belong to during his presidency?
Answer: Democratic Party

5. What was the name of James Buchanan’s niece who acted as the official White House hostess during his presidency?
Answer: Harriet Lane

6. Which major crisis occurred during James Buchanan’s presidency that further divided the country over the issue of slavery?
Answer: The secession of Southern states leading to the Civil War

7. Where did James Buchanan serve as a diplomat before becoming President?
Answer: United Kingdom

8. What was the nickname given to James Buchanan for his lack of action regarding the growing tensions between North and South states?
Answer: Old Buck

9. What major Supreme Court case during James Buchanan’s presidency ruled that slaves were not citizens and had no rights under the Constitution?
Answer: Dred Scott v. Sandford

10. What was the name of the only U.S. president who never married and lived with James Buchanan at the White House during his presidency?
Answer: Harriet Lane (James Buchanan’s niece)

11. Which 1857 economic event marked the beginning of a severe economic depression during James Buchanan’s presidency?
Answer: The Panic of 1857

12. What was the capital city of the United States during James Buchanan’s presidency?
Answer: Washington D.C.

13. What was the central theme of Buchanan’s inaugural address in 1857?
Answer: The preservation of the Union

14. How many terms did James Buchanan serve as President of the United States?
Answer: One term

15. What was the controversial legislation passed by Congress during Buchanan’s presidency that allowed settlers in Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide if they would allow slavery?
Answer: Kansas-Nebraska Act

16. Which state was admitted to the Union during James Buchanan’s presidency as the 32nd state?
Answer: Minnesota

17. What was the title of James Buchanan’s autobiography published posthumously in 1903?
Answer: “Mr. Buchanan’s Administration on the Eve of Rebellion”

18. How did James Buchanan respond to the secession of Southern states from the Union?
Answer: He believed secession was illegal but didn’t take strong actions to stop it.

19. Which foreign country did James Buchanan negotiate a trade treaty with that opened up trade and diplomatic relations between the two nations?
Answer: Japan

20. What was the name of the political coalition that supported James Buchanan’s presidency during the election of 1856?
Answer: Buchanan Democrats

21. During Buchanan’s presidency, who attempted to organize an expedition to rescue the explorer Sir John Franklin in the Arctic?
Answer: Elisha Kent Kane

22. What was the primary reason behind the split in the Democratic Party during James Buchanan’s presidency?
Answer: Disagreements over the issue of slavery

23. Which future Confederate general fought in the Utah War during James Buchanan’s presidency?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

24. What notable event occurred in 1859 during James Buchanan’s presidency involving abolitionist John Brown?
Answer: John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry

25. Who preceded James Buchanan as President of the United States?
Answer: Franklin Pierce