James A. Garfield Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our President James A. Garfield trivia challenge! Dive into the life and presidency of the 20th President of the United States with 25 captivating questions that will test your knowledge and spark your curiosity. Explore the legacy of this remarkable leader, from his early years to his time in office, and discover the impact he had on American history. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply eager to learn more about this influential figure, these trivia questions will entertain and educate you along the way. Are you ready to uncover the fascinating facts and stories behind President James A. Garfield? Let the trivia adventure begin!

Question 1: What state was James A. Garfield born in?
Answer: Ohio

Question 2: What year did James A. Garfield become the 20th President of the United States?
Answer: 1881

Question 3: What nickname was James A. Garfield known by during his time in the military?
Answer: The Preacher

Question 4: Whom did James A. Garfield marry?
Answer: Lucretia Garfield

Question 5: What political party did James A. Garfield belong to?
Answer: Republican

Question 6: How long was James A. Garfield in office before he was assassinated?
Answer: Less than a year

Question 7: What was James A. Garfield’s profession before becoming President?
Answer: College professor

Question 8: Which war did James A. Garfield serve in?
Answer: Civil War

Question 9: Where was James A. Garfield shot?
Answer: Washington, D.C.

Question 10: What was one major goal James A. Garfield had for his presidency?
Answer: Civil service reform

Question 11: What famous invention did James A. Garfield install in the White House?
Answer: The first telephone

Question 12: What was the name of James A. Garfield’s famous home in Mentor, Ohio?
Answer: Lawnfield

Question 13: Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution did James A. Garfield support?
Answer: 15th Amendment

Question 14: Who was James A. Garfield’s vice president?
Answer: Chester A. Arthur

Question 15: What college did James A. Garfield attend before becoming President?
Answer: Williams College

Question 16: What was James A. Garfield’s middle name?
Answer: Abram

Question 17: What age was James A. Garfield when he became President?
Answer: 49

Question 18: What position did James A. Garfield hold in the United States House of Representatives?
Answer: Congressman

Question 19: What unit did James A. Garfield command during the Civil War?
Answer: 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Question 20: How many children did James A. Garfield have?
Answer: Seven

Question 21: What was James A. Garfield’s favorite hobby?
Answer: Fishing

Question 22: What famous canal did James A. Garfield work on as a young man?
Answer: Ohio and Erie Canal

Question 23: What famous military figure did James A. Garfield have a close friendship with?
Answer: Ulysses S. Grant

Question 24: Where is James A. Garfield buried?
Answer: Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

Question 25: What was the cause of James A. Garfield’s death?
Answer: Complications from being shot