Harry S. Truman Trivia: Questions and Answers

Delve into the fascinating world of President Harry S. Truman with our engaging trivia challenge! Explore the life and presidency of the 33rd President of the United States through 25 thought-provoking questions that cover his leadership during World War II, the Cold War era, and his significant decisions while in office. From his pivotal role in the Korean War to his bold foreign policy initiatives, these trivia questions are designed to captivate history enthusiasts of all ages. Test your knowledge, learn interesting facts, and uncover the legacy of one of America’s influential leaders. Ready to become an expert on Harry S. Truman? Begin the quiz now and see how many questions you can answer correctly!

1. What was Harry Truman’s full name?
Harry S. Truman

2. In what year was Harry Truman born?

3. How many terms did Harry Truman serve as President of the United States?
One term

4. Who was Truman’s Vice President during his presidency?
Alben W. Barkley

5. What event led to Truman becoming President in 1945?
The death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

6. What was Truman’s occupation before entering politics?
Farmer and haberdasher (men’s clothing retailer)

7. Which major world conflict was ongoing during Truman’s presidency?
World War II

8. What two countries dropped atomic bombs under Truman’s orders during World War II?

9. What is the name of the doctrine introduced by Truman to contain communism?
Truman Doctrine

10. In what year did Truman order the desegregation of the military?

11. What was the name of Truman’s wife?
Bess Truman

12. Which international organization was formed during Truman’s presidency to promote world peace?
United Nations

13. What was the nickname of Truman’s presidential yacht?
USS Williamsburg

14. Which city in Missouri was Truman’s hometown?

15. Which political party was Truman affiliated with?
Democratic Party

16. What was the name of the historic residence where Truman lived during his presidency?
The White House

17. Which major infrastructure project was initiated during Truman’s presidency to improve transportation in the US?
The Interstate Highway System

18. Which economic plan was created by Truman to help Europe recover after World War II?
The Marshall Plan

19. What was Truman’s middle initial “S” originally for?
Nothing; it didn’t stand for anything

20. Which key organization did Truman establish to advise on national security matters?
The National Security Council

21. What was Truman’s famous slogan during his presidential campaign in 1948?
“Give ’em Hell, Harry!”

22. What was the name of the report commissioned by Truman to investigate government efficiency?
The Hoover Commission

23. Which controversial decision made by Truman involved the firing of General Douglas MacArthur?
Relieving him from his command in the Korean War

24. What was Truman’s approval rating when he left office in 1953?

25. What is the name of Truman’s presidential library located in Missouri?
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum