Grover Cleveland Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our President Grover Cleveland trivia challenge! Immerse yourself in the life and legacy of the 22nd and 24th President of the United States with 25 engaging questions that delve into his presidency, personal life, and impact on American history. From his reform efforts to his unique political career, these trivia questions are designed to test your knowledge and uncover lesser-known facts about this influential leader. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just looking to expand your understanding of U.S. presidents, this trivia experience promises both fun and education. Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of President Grover Cleveland? Let the trivia adventure begin!

Question 1: In which state was President Grover Cleveland born?
Answer: New Jersey

Question 2: What was Grover Cleveland’s full name, including his middle name?
Answer: Stephen Grover Cleveland

Question 3: How many terms did President Grover Cleveland serve as President of the United States?
Answer: Two non-consecutive terms

Question 4: What political party did Grover Cleveland belong to?
Answer: Democratic Party

Question 5: True or False: Grover Cleveland is the only U.S. president to serve two non-consecutive terms.
Answer: True

Question 6: What profession did Grover Cleveland have before becoming President?
Answer: Lawyer

Question 7: Who was Grover Cleveland’s first lady during his first term as President?
Answer: Frances Folsom Cleveland

Question 8: Which state did Grover Cleveland serve as governor before becoming President?
Answer: New York

Question 9: What controversial event took place in his personal life during his first term as President?
Answer: His secret surgery to remove a cancerous growth in his mouth

Question 10: What was Grover Cleveland’s stance on civil service reform?
Answer: He supported civil service reform to combat government corruption.

Question 11: What was Grover Cleveland’s nickname due to his honest and straightforward nature?
Answer: “Grover the Good”

Question 12: Which famous literary figure worked as Grover Cleveland’s private secretary during his time as President?
Answer: Rudyard Kipling

Question 13: What major economic event occurred during Grover Cleveland’s second term as President?
Answer: The Panic of 1893

Question 14: How many children did Grover Cleveland have?
Answer: Five

Question 15: What was Grover Cleveland’s campaign slogan during his first presidential campaign?
Answer: “Honest Government, Cleveland or Bust!”

Question 16: Which university did Grover Cleveland attend for his law studies?
Answer: Buffalo Law School

Question 17: What was Grover Cleveland’s age when he first became President?
Answer: 47

Question 18: What was the name of Grover Cleveland’s estate in Princeton, New Jersey?
Answer: Westland Mansion

Question 19: What animal did Grover Cleveland receive as a gift during his presidency, leading to the creation of a White House tradition?
Answer: A mockingbird

Question 20: What important diplomatic treaty did Grover Cleveland help negotiate between the United States and Great Britain?
Answer: The Treaty of Washington

Question 21: Which country did Grover Cleveland pressure to return control of the Panama Canal to Colombia?
Answer: Colombia

Question 22: What was Grover Cleveland’s stance on tariffs, particularly on imported goods?
Answer: He advocated for lower tariffs and opposed protectionist measures.

Question 23: What was Grover Cleveland’s favorite recreational activity?
Answer: Fishing

Question 24: What notable infrastructure project was completed during Grover Cleveland’s presidency and dedicated by him in New York Harbor?
Answer: The Statue of Liberty

Question 25: Where is Grover Cleveland buried?
Answer: Princeton, New Jersey