George Washington Trivia: Questions and Answers

Step back in time and test your knowledge with our exclusive collection of 25 trivia questions about President George Washington. Delve into the life and legacy of the Founding Father of the United States as you uncover fascinating details, historical anecdotes, and remarkable facts about his presidency. Challenge yourself or compete with friends and family to see who can answer the most questions correctly. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about one of America’s most iconic figures, our George Washington trivia is sure to spark your interest and deepen your appreciation for this pivotal figure in American history. Are you ready to embark on a journey through time with our George Washington trivia challenge? Let the fun begin!

Question 1:
What year was George Washington born?
Answer: 1732

Question 2:
In which state was George Washington born?
Answer: Virginia

Question 3:
What was George Washington’s occupation before becoming president?
Answer: Farmer and Land Surveyor

Question 4:
How many terms did George Washington serve as President of the United States?
Answer: Two

Question 5:
Who was George Washington’s wife?
Answer: Martha Washington

Question 6:
What is the name of George Washington’s famous estate in Virginia?
Answer: Mount Vernon

Question 7:
What title was George Washington given after leading the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolutionary War?
Answer: “Father of His Country”

Question 8:
Which important document did George Washington help to create during the Constitutional Convention?
Answer: U.S. Constitution

Question 9:
Which political party did George Washington belong to?
Answer: Independent (non-affiliated)

Question 10:
What nickname is George Washington commonly known by?
Answer: “The Father of His Country”

Question 11:
What was the name of the country that George Washington helped to lead to independence during the American Revolutionary War?
Answer: United States

Question 12:
What is the name of the highest military rank that George Washington held?
Answer: General of the Armies

Question 13:
In which battle did George Washington famously cross the Delaware River?
Answer: Battle of Trenton

Question 14:
Who was George Washington’s vice president?
Answer: John Adams

Question 15:
Which famous landmark was built to honor George Washington and is located in the nation’s capital?
Answer: Washington Monument

Question 16:
What is the title of George Washington’s farewell address?
Answer: “Washington’s Farewell Address”

Question 17:
Which city served as the first capital of the United States while George Washington was president?
Answer: New York City

Question 18:
What is the name of the boat that George Washington famously crossed the Delaware River in?
Answer: Durham Boat

Question 19:
What precious material did George Washington’s false teeth contain?
Answer: Ivory

Question 20:
In which year did George Washington pass away?
Answer: 1799

Question 21:
What color was George Washington’s horse during the American Revolutionary War?
Answer: White

Question 22:
What was the name of George Washington’s beloved dog?
Answer: Sweetlips

Question 23:
Which university was established during George Washington’s presidency?
Answer: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Question 24:
What does the “D” in George Washington’s middle name stand for?
Answer: Delano

Question 25:
Where is George Washington buried?
Answer: Mount Vernon