Benjamin Harrison Trivia: Questions and Answers

Welcome to our President Benjamin Harrison trivia challenge! Explore the life and presidency of the 23rd President of the United States through 25 captivating questions that will test your knowledge and uncover interesting facts about this historical figure. From his contributions to American politics to his personal life, these trivia questions are designed to entertain and educate, offering a deeper insight into the legacy of President Harrison. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious to learn more about this often underrated president, this trivia experience promises an engaging journey through the fascinating world of Benjamin Harrison. Are you ready to embark on this exciting quest to unravel the mysteries of President Harrison’s time in office? Let the trivia adventure begin!

Question 1: What was Benjamin Harrison’s full name, including his middle name?
Answer: Benjamin Harrison

Question 2: In which U.S. state was Benjamin Harrison born?
Answer: Ohio

Question 3: What relation was Benjamin Harrison to President William Henry Harrison?
Answer: Grandson

Question 4: What year was Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as the 23rd President of the United States?
Answer: 1889

Question 5: Which political party did Benjamin Harrison belong to?
Answer: Republican Party

Question 6: How many terms did Benjamin Harrison serve as President?
Answer: One term

Question 7: What university did Benjamin Harrison attend for his undergraduate education?
Answer: Miami University in Ohio

Question 8: Who was Benjamin Harrison’s wife?
Answer: Caroline Scott Harrison

Question 9: Which important law aimed at protecting Civil War veterans’ pensions did Benjamin Harrison sign during his presidency?
Answer: Dependent Pension Act

Question 10: What famous landmark’s construction began during Benjamin Harrison’s presidency?
Answer: The Panama Canal

Question 11: Which state did Benjamin Harrison represent in the U.S. Senate before becoming President?
Answer: Indiana

Question 12: What military rank did Benjamin Harrison achieve during the Civil War?
Answer: Brigadier General

Question 13: What was Benjamin Harrison’s campaign slogan during his run for Presidency?
Answer: “Protection and Reciprocity”

Question 14: What was the name of Benjamin Harrison’s presidential yacht?
Answer: The USS Dolphin

Question 15: How many children did Benjamin Harrison have?
Answer: Two

Question 16: Which legislation did Benjamin Harrison support that granted federal funding for agricultural research and education?
Answer: Hatch Act

Question 17: What was the nickname of Benjamin Harrison’s home in Indianapolis, Indiana?
Answer: “The Castle”

Question 18: In which war did Benjamin Harrison serve as a brigadier general in the Union Army?
Answer: American Civil War

Question 19: How old was Benjamin Harrison when he became President?
Answer: 55

Question 20: What treaty did Benjamin Harrison sign with Samoa, establishing American influence in the region?
Answer: Samoan Treaty of 1878

Question 21: What was Benjamin Harrison’s profession before entering politics?
Answer: Lawyer

Question 22: Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed during Benjamin Harrison’s tenure as President granting women the right to vote in Washington, D.C. elections?
Answer: The Women’s Suffrage Amendment

Question 23: What was the name of Benjamin Harrison’s vice president during his presidency?
Answer: Levi P. Morton

Question 24: Where is Benjamin Harrison buried?
Answer: Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana

Question 25: What unique feature did Benjamin Harrison add to the White House during his presidency?
Answer: Electricity