Andrew Jackson Trivia: Questions and Answers

Step back in time and test your knowledge of one of America’s most intriguing presidents, Andrew Jackson, with 25 captivating trivia questions that will transport you to the era of the early 19th century. Explore the life and times of this controversial figure through thought-provoking inquiries that cover his military exploits, political career, and lasting impact on the nation. From his humble beginnings to his presidency, these questions will challenge your understanding of Jackson’s legacy and shed light on the complexities of his leadership. Embark on a journey of discovery and unravel fascinating facts about “Old Hickory,” as you dive into the world of President Andrew Jackson like never before.

1. What was Andrew Jackson’s nickname due to his tough and aggressive personality?
Answer: Old Hickory

2. Which war did Andrew Jackson gain fame for his victory at the Battle of New Orleans?
Answer: War of 1812

3. In what U.S. state was Andrew Jackson born?
Answer: South Carolina

4. What was Andrew Jackson’s occupation before becoming president?
Answer: Military General

5. Which political party was Andrew Jackson a member of during his presidency?
Answer: Democratic Party

6. What is the name of the residence that Andrew Jackson called home in Tennessee?
Answer: The Hermitage

7. What controversial action signed by Andrew Jackson led to the forced relocation of Native American tribes?
Answer: Indian Removal Act

8. Which year did Andrew Jackson become the seventh President of the United States?
Answer: 1829

9. What is the term for the practice where government positions were given to political supporters as rewards?
Answer: Spoils System

10. Which battle against the British made Andrew Jackson a national hero and propelled him to fame?
Answer: Battle of New Orleans

11. What was the name of the legislation that Andrew Jackson vetoed, leading to the creation of the Whig Party?
Answer: Bank Recharter Bill

12. Who was Andrew Jackson’s vice president during his first term in office?
Answer: John C. Calhoun

13. What was the nickname given to Andrew Jackson’s group of advisors who were influential during his presidency?
Answer: The Kitchen Cabinet

14. Which state threatened to secede from the Union over tariffs during Andrew Jackson’s presidency?
Answer: South Carolina

15. What did Andrew Jackson adopt as a symbol of his campaign and presidency, representing the common man?
Answer: The image of a log cabin

16. Which famous duel did Andrew Jackson participate in, resulting in the death of Charles Dickinson?
Answer: Duel with Charles Dickinson

17. Which major infrastructure project was completed during Andrew Jackson’s presidency, linking the Great Lakes with the Hudson River?
Answer: Erie Canal

18. What was the name of the magazine that was the target of Andrew Jackson’s assassination attempt?
Answer: Richard Lawrence and the assassination attempt on Jackson

19. What was the name of Andrew Jackson’s loyal pet parrot that attended his funeral?
Answer: Poll

20. Which state did Andrew Jackson represent in the U.S. Senate before becoming president?
Answer: Tennessee

21. In which war did Andrew Jackson serve as a courier when he was only 13 years old?
Answer: Revolutionary War

22. What was Andrew Jackson’s stance on state sovereignty and federal power during his presidency?
Answer: Strong supporter of states’ rights

23. Which city did Andrew Jackson help to defend during the Creek War in the early 1810s?
Answer: New Orleans

24. What significant event happened on January 8, 1815, that bolstered Andrew Jackson’s reputation?
Answer: The Battle of New Orleans

25. Which iconic piece of furniture did Andrew Jackson introduce to the White House during his presidency, symbolizing simplicity and accessibility?
Answer: The revolving door